Video Interviews

Horkey Handbook Why Not Me?
Merch Money Etsy Printables
The Planner Podcast Making and Selling Printables
ChooseFI Educational Speaker Series – Needs vs. Wants
Bigger Pockets Business Selling a Physical Product

Podcast Appearances

Financial Freedom Millionaire by 25
Entrepreneurs Get Visible Passive Income for Financial Independence
The Marcus Garrett Show Dave Ramsey Baby Steps vs. FIRE
Ready Investor One Creating Your Personal Legend
The FI Team On The Fast Track to FI
Real Estate Investing Exposure How to House Hack Your Way to Financial Independence
Buoy Podcast It’s Simple, But Not Easy
The Military Money Show Making Money Online
The Transition Guy 4 Years to Hit Financial Freedom
Daily Successful Living Retiring Early through Financial Freedom
Popcorn Finance – Choosing a Budget Friendly Major
How to Money Cutting College Costs
Richer Soul Creating a Side Hustle
Financial Fornicating – The Art of a Successful Side Hustle
House of FI – Time as an Asset
The Thought Card – How to Get Started Travel Hacking
Young Smart Money – Starting a Business in College
The Young Entrepreneurs RebellionDisc Golfing and Real Estate Investing
The Money Nerds Podcast – Side Hustles + Travel Hacking

Guest Posts

Making Sense of Cents – How I Make Money Selling Printables on Etsy

Get Rich Slowly – I’m 21 and pursuing the path to financial independence

RockStar Finance – 7 Months Into a Corporate Job, Cody Chose to Buy Freedom… with Frugality

Fiery Millennials – Flying to FI

Humble Dollar – Economy Class

Physician on FIRE – On Your Path fo Financial Independence, Stop and Smell the Roses

My Work From Home Money – How Geoarbitrage can Translate to Financial Freedom

Four Pillar Freedom – How These Three Side Hustles can Buy You Freedom

Four Pillar Freedom – Starting a Disc Golf Company

Living Life Loving Us – Financial Independence Found Early

Hustle to Startup – How to Build a Side Hustle into Any Schedule

GenY Finance Guy – Chasing FIRE #5 (Interview)

Millennial Boss – Cody’s Journey from Banker to Entrepreneur (Interview)

Personal Finance for Beginners – Beginner to Blogger (Interview)

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