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If you hear the term “search engine optimization” or SEO it refers to structuring your blog posts in a strategic way to drive more traffic from search engines such as Google. Organic search traffic from Google is the best kind of traffic because it will continue to come in over time with little action from you.

In this 22-page ebook, I’ll share the top strategies I use to drive over 100,000 unique visitors to my site each month. These strategies won’t make your writing robotic or boring either so don’t fear!

This Ebook will:

  • Teach you simple SEO strategies that you can implement in minutes
  • Help you drive thousands of readers to your site from Google every month
  • Give you tools to improve reader experience on your site

About the Author: Julie Berninger is a Seattle-based entrepreneur who blogs about everything from personal finance, to new Mom life, to selling on Etsy, to travel at She hosts a podcast, Fire Drill, where she interviews people who have escaped the 9 to 5 at a young age. She also has a side hustle selling bachelorette party printables on Etsy and teaches others how to sell on Etsy and blog at Gold City Ventures.

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